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argon0 - 28.02.2008, 23:34 Uhr
Titel: Thorhammer RC7 - WLAN not Working Hayelp
Cannot get WLAN working with Thorhammer RC7 - note this is the first version of Kanotix I have tried - so very much a Kanotix newbie (not SO new to Linux) - but would like to try it out properly. I'm thinking of replacing Windows XP on my older Laptop with Linux, and Kanotix comes highly recommended... So WLAN HAS to work....

Details: DELL Latitude C640, Wireless LAN card: Linksys WPC54GS

Kanotix SEEMS to recognise it as a Buffalo card, but does not find my network or connect to it... Tried to configure NDISWRAPPER, by pointing it at LBCMNDS.inf, but no joy...

If I try ifconfig in root mode console it shows up eth0 and lo, but not eth1... If I try iwconfig it finds the Buffalo card (eth1), but says (something like) driver built with version 22 but this only supports builds up to version 20, you should expect to have problems - sorry I can't be more specific, had to switch to windows to post this!!!

I try all the various wireless Configurators I can find but cannot get it to work (don't seem to be able to enable it in the KConfig (?) get told I have to enable it manually...)

BTW I get the same card to work with SLAX, although I do have to specify IP address with that (doesn't seem to support DHCP)..

dptxp - 05.03.2008, 08:43 Uhr
Titel: RE: Thorhammer RC7 - WLAN not Working Hayelp
My wlan worked after I removed kde-network-manager
And after I did my setup here -

Do not know if yours is a driver problem.
wh7qq - 05.03.2008, 22:26 Uhr
You must first find out exactly what wifi card you are running. In console as root, do
 lspci -v
and locate the listing for your card and make a note of it including the xxxx:xxxx formatted device ID. If you intend to support it with ndiswrapper, you must find the driver for it, perhaps from the mfr's site or from your Dell docs. Put the driver files in a folder and cd to that directory. With the driver files will be a file with a ".inf suffix. Again in the console, do
 ndiswrapper -i drivername.inf
, then
 ndiswrapper -l
which should yield a result like
# ndiswrapper -l
athwpn : driver installed
        device (1385:5F00) present
(of course with your driver name and device ID). Then do
modprobe ndiswrapper
and your device should be alive.
should now show a listing for wlan0 It may be necessary (or not) to edit /etc/modules to include the line
to get it to persist after rebooting.

For more detail, go to the excellent sticky on the Debian forum: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=17719 as Kanotix is, after all, Debian.

Good luck.
argon0 - 09.03.2008, 21:37 Uhr
Thanks, I shall try this out, after I have printed this page out...

BTW the card is not a DELL card, and works fine within XP - I have the drivers on the HD for XP - including the inf file, is that the one I should use? And should I be using NdisWrapper? Is it necessary for all cards? Or only those with Hooks into Windows...
wh7qq - 09.03.2008, 23:43 Uhr
1. First try Kanotix>configure>network. If that fails, go to Ndiswrapper as plan B.
2. That the card works in XP only means that it is alive and functioning but has nothing to do with its functionality under linux. Many manufacturers don't bother to support linux and they hold their detailed specs closely so that it is not possible to write drivers in linux for them. This is a particular PITA for wifi devices as there are so many different chipsets used even by the same model card of a different version. Ndiswrapper provides a windows api for the windows driver to live and work in.
3. You may try the XP driver set with Ndiswrapper but you will have to copy all the driver files to a linux directory.
4. If that driver fails to work, try googling on the XXXX:XXXX device id to find a suitable driver set for it.
maya11 - 20.11.2014, 06:33 Uhr
and apart from this Kanotix runs so smoothly I forget about the whole OS. does rival the all-time 'best' linux:
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